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safety is priority

For safety reasons, children will not be able to enter the school prior to 7:10am, unless attending breakfast in the cafeteria. Children present at 7:10am will be greeted in the gym, via the main entrance or gym entrance. Classroom hallways will be available to children and families upon the ringing of the first bell at 7:20am.


Vehicles are not permitted to park along the school sidewalk (between the NO PARKING signs). Drivers may create a single lane of carline away from the curb and with the driver present. Families choosing to park in the neighborhood and walk to the school (school's preferred pick-up method) need to remain mindful of the neighbors and their driveway access.


Children are dismissed through assigned doors based on the grade level/room location. Families are encouraged to greet their child(ren) outside the assigned doors. All children must be picked up by 2:50pm. Children present after 2:50pm will be brought inside to call parents/guardians/emergency contacts/campus security.

dismissal doors

Parents/Guardians are invited to pick up their children at the end of each school day in the following locations:

PreKindergarden: Gym doors

K-2nd: 19th Street doors (2nd from breezeway doors if raining)

3rd: Main doors (gym doors if raining)

4th-5th: Main door and/or 21st Street doors, depending on location of last class (gym doors if raining)

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Council Oak Elementary
1920 S. Cincinnati Ave.
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Biking to school

Bicycles must be walked on school grounds. Parking space is provided for bicycles at school. Students riding bicycles should follow safety rules while riding to and from school. When at school, bicycles are not to be ridden on the sidewalks. Locks should be on the bicycles when parked. All bicycles are to be parked at the bicycle rack during the school day. Scooters, skateboards, skates, and skate shoes (Heelies - even with the wheels removed) are not allowed at school.