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  • Polo shirts can be long sleeve or short sleeve
  • No t-shirts, or sleeveless shirts. All shirts must have collars.
  • No writing, logos, stripes, or patterns
  • Oxford button down shirts in solid colors may be worn. 
  • "Peter Pan" type white shirts with collars designed for jumpers may also be worn.
  • Shirts may be any shade of white, navy blue, hunter green, or purple.

Pants & Shorts

  • No cargo pants/shorts pleated or flat front
  • No jeans
  • Pants should fit properly in all areas.
  • Shorts must not be shorter than 4 inches above the knee.
  • Belt should be worn with all pants or shorts with loops.
  • Navy, khaki (no denim or denim fabric)

Dresses, Skirts & Jumpers

  • Length must not be shorter than 4 inches above the knee when standing with hands to the side.
  • Jumpers must have a collared shirt underneath
  • No writing, logos, stripes, or patterns
  • Navy, khaki, tan, or black


  • Council Oak uniform shoes are sneakers or tennis shoes. (These can be lace up or velcro.) Shoes are for the purpose of these physical fitness activities held at Council Oak Elementary: running, walking, etc. (Hiking boots, football cleats, baseball shoes, soccer shoes, etc. are not allowed.) Sneakers and/or tennis shoes provide a safe shoe for students when running the track, walking down stairs, and/or participating in PE class. No wheelies are other shoes are 
    allowed. Sneakers and or tennis shoes must be worn in PE class.
  • Any color

Jackets & Coats

  • Solid uniform color cardigan sweaters and/or sweatshirts (without a design logos or emblems) may be worn.
  • In addition, solid black or gray, sweaters or sweatshirts are acceptable.
  • Polo style shirts should be worn with any cardigan sweaters or sweatshirts.  Sweaters or Sweatshirts should not be over sized. 
  • PTA sponsored Council Oak sweatshirts/hoodies are also allowed.

Socks, Tights & Leggings

  • Socks should be solid colors.  
  • Tights, leggings, and knee high socks should be a solid uniform color or the Council Oak leopard print.
  • Any color or pattern


  • Solid colored or multicolored uniform colored ribbons, bows, or barrettes are allowed.
  • Leopard colored ribbons and bows or allowed.
  • No bandanas are allowed of any design or color. 
  • Students who do not wear the appropriate uniform will be asked to contact their parent or will be given uniform clothing from the uniform closet for the day. 


​Costume headbands are not allowed. ​All jewelry and hair accessories should be modest
and not distract from learning. The teacher may choose to have them remove any pieces that become a distraction. Hats or jacket hoods are not to be worn inside the building.

***Adjustments to the dress code may be made for special events.***

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